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Since 2007, the ICCHA-Wish Fund has raised over $1.75 million for special projects and state-of-the-art equipment to improve healthcare excellence at Royal Inland Hospital.

Our Achievements: What We Do

2007 – 2008

We established an Education Room at the RIH Cancer Care Centre​ with teleconferencing technology. Now, patients can discuss diagnosis and treatment details right here from Kamloops without having to travel to Kelowna or Vancouver to speak with their doctor.


2008 – 2009

We donated two brand new, state-of-the-art heart monitors for Post Anaesthetic Recovery (PAR) room, replacing 20-year old equipment in the 21st century!

Iccha Panda 001.jpg

2009 – 2010

We donated the newest overbed warmers to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), increasing the chance of survival for premature babies by keeping them safe and warm.

Iccha Wish ICU 006.jpg

2011 – 2012

We provided a compassionate room for families with loved ones in the Intensive Care Unit, giving them a comfortable place to speak with doctors and nurses.

Icchawish. portable xray.JPG

2012 – 2013

We took care of immobile patients, who are elderly, bed-ridden or have been in accidents, by donating a portable X-Ray Machine. The diagnosing technology goes to them rather than the patient going to the machine.


2013 - 2014 

We raised $50,000 for new colonoscopy equipment, reducing the wait time of patients for detecting colon cancer and bowel disease. We also donated $10,000 to Crohn's and Colitis Canada to help find a cure.


2014 - 2015

For the first time in Kamloops, we made kidney stone removal possible at RIH, by donating the latest lithotriptor machine. Patients no longer have to travel out-of-town for for stone removal and the wait time for treatment has been significantly reduced.


2015 - 2016

For patients who are suffering from nerve damage, we donated a state-of-the-art Electromyography (EMG) machine to RIH.  This machine is also critical in helping detect damage to nerves and diseases including MS, GBS and ALS. 

EMG donation2.jpg

2016 - 2017

We provided the latest portable ultrasound machine for procedures during pregnancy. This equipment is also used by the UBC Medical Doctors at RIH for training purposes.

Our Achievements: What We Do

With the overwhelming support from numerous donors, we have raised over $690,000 for cardiac care equipment between 2019 and 2019. In 2019, we opened the ICCHA-WISH Coronary Care Unit at Royal Inland Hospital. This state-of-the-art Cardiac Care Unit will allow Cardiologists to monitor four cardiac patients, 24 hours a day, using a brand new Xprezzon Monitoring system.


Raised more than $155,000 for a new GE-Vivid 4D echocardiogram, which is now in use in the ICCHA-WISH Coronary Care Unit at Royal Inland Hospital


Our Achievements: Quote
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